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Founded in 1999, the Energy Control Company is located in Le Cannet (06110) and operates from Saint-Raphaël to Monaco. Whether you are an individual or a professional, we meet your needs for medium and high temperature heat pumps, your swimming pool heating, your reversible air conditioning or your photovoltaic solar panels.

Thermodynamic energy specialist

Over 25 years experience

Qualified and trained teams

Specialized after-sales service

We are qualified in TH2 electrothermal energy and hold the certificate of capacity N ° 160690 category I: Leakage control, maintenance, upkeep, commissioning, recovery of fluids during all interventions on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump.

QualiPAC, the RGE qualification for the installation of heat pumpsWe are also RGE QUALIPAC certified, which commits us to the quality of heat pump installations. The mention “Recognized Guarantor of the Environment” (RGE), has been implemented by the public authorities in order to supervise the practices of building professionals. Its aim is to improve the quality of renovation work related to the energy transition, and to provide a benchmark for individuals to identify competent companies.

Energy Control can work on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. For all our installations, after-sales service can be consolidated by a personalized maintenance contract.


Join Energy Control: Together for a Sustainable Energy Future

Energy Control is hiring! Whether you’re trained in air conditioning or transitioning from plumbing, electrical work, or construction, we offer opportunities for motivated individuals eager to learn. Apply now and help shape a greener and more efficient environment.

Send your CV to contact@energy-control.fr

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Your satisfaction, our priority

Our know-how is renowned for all types and sizes of installation thanks to our qualified and qualified technicians. Careful fitting and finishing to ensure comfort in all seasons.

Years of experience and many references:

The advantages of renewable energies

An energy is said to be renewable when it is produced by a source that nature constantly renews, unlike an energy dependent on exhausted sources. Renewable energies are very diverse but they all come from two main natural sources: the sun and the earth.

Energy savings

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Financial savings

Equipment life

Today, climate change is one of the major concerns. For this, so-called renewable green energies have become the effective alternative for preserving the environment. In addition to being good for the environment, sustainable energies save money. Even if the cost is generally higher at the time of purchase, the energy savings and the many aids available make it possible to make your equipment profitable quickly.

State aid to encourage you

Eco-loan at rate 0
The sustainable development tax credit

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