Eco-loan at rate 0

The construction sector is the largest consumer of energy in France. The implementation of the eco-loan or “green loan” is intended to finance thermal renovations representing large amounts, it is one of the main financial measures of the Grenelle of the Environment and it constitutes a major advance.

Why the Zero-Rate Eco-loan?

Making your home more energy efficient, more comfortable and less greenhouse gas emitters is now possible thanks to the zero-rate eco-loan.

Who can benefit from the zero-rate eco-loan?

  • You are an owner-occupier, landlord or civil society owner
  • Your home was built before January 1, 1990 and is your main residence
  • Condominiums are affected

How can I benefit from zero-rate eco-loans?

To benefit from the zero-rate eco-loan, a “Work Package” is required, a coherent set of works aimed at improving the energy efficiency of housing.

The “work package” must include at least 2 of the following categories:

  • High-performance roof insulation
  • Installing or replacing heating or sanitary hot water production
  • Installing heating using renewable energy
  • Installing sanitary hot water production using renewable energy

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  • Your home becomes green: you significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • You save real money: your energy budget decreases and you gain purchasing power
  • You improve your comfort and well-being
  • You become independent of energy suppliers

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The zero-rate eco-loan also funds the ancillary costs:

  • Inseparable induced work (resumption of electricity, installation of an installation system…)
  • The cost of the project (architect, file fees…)
  • Possible insurance costs

How much? How long?

The zero-rate eco-loan can finance up to 30,000 euros worth of work.

The repayment period is set at 10 years. The bank may offer to increase this period to 15 years. On your request, it can reduce this period to 3 years to reduce your repayment expenses.

A single zero-rate eco-loan can be granted per dwelling.

For more information, visit the energy and sustainable development section of the government’s website:

The sustainable development tax credit

The Sustainable Development and Energy Savings Tax Credit was created as part of the 2005 Finance Act.
This measure aims to strengthen the incentive of the tax system in favour of the main dwelling’s equipment.
It is now focused on equipment using renewable energy and the most energy-efficient equipment.
It should enable the wide dissemination of sustainable energy equipment in order to contribute to the achievement of France’s energy savings and renewable energy targets with the aim of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 4 by 2050.
The finance laws for 2006 and 2009 have complemented some of the measures originally planned.

What are the expenses involved in this measure?

These are the expenses of acquiring certain equipment provided by the companies that carried out the work and which were the subject of an invoice, under the conditions specified in Article 200 quater of the general tax code.
This includes:

  • heating equipment (condensation boilers),
  • insulation materials,
  • heating control devices,
  • Equipment using renewable energy,
  • non-air/air heat pumps whose essential purpose is heat production,
  • equipment to connect to certain heat networks powered by renewable energy or cogeneration facilities.

For more information, visit the energy and sustainable development section of the government’s website: